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    enslave: (verb)
        make (someone) a slave.
    ARTIST.....: Foreigner
    TITLE......: I Want To Know What Love Is (BLOND:ISH Sunrise Jungl
    LABEL......: Spinnin' Deep / SpinninRecords.com
    GENRE......: Electronic
    RIP DATE...: 2020-03-27
    RETAIL DATE: 2020-03-13
    RUNTIME....: 03:48
    TRACKS.....: 1
    SIZE.......: 8.88MB
    QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
    CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
    URL........: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Biu5ok3e2bzgla2o4hnwrwuyze4
    01. I Want To Know What Love Is (BLOND:ISH Sunrise Jungle   03:48
    Sold- out shows on a recent world tour demonstrate the band's
    formidable musical arsenal that continues to propel album sales,
    now exceeding 70 million. At Foreigner's core is founder Mick
    Jones, the visionary maestro whose stylistic songwriting,
    indelible guitar hooks and multi- layered talents continue to
    escalate Foreigner's influence more than 30 years into the game.
    With a catalog of multi- platinum gems including Cold As Ice,
    Juke Box Hero, I Want To Know What Love Is and critically-
    acclaimed wonders from the 2009 "Can't Slow Down" album-
    Foreigner is a band continually forging new musical peaks.
    Comprising Foreigner's dynamic lineup are founder- lead guitarist
    Mick Jones, lead vocalist Kelly Hansen, bass guitarist Jeff
    Pilson, multi- instrumentalist Tom Gimbel, keyboardist Michael
    Bluestein and drummer Mark Schulman. The original incarnation of
    Foreigner, formed by Jones in 1976, included fellow Brits Ian
    McDonald and Dennis Elliott, as well as Americans Al Greenwood,
    Ed Gagliardi and Lou Gramm. It was this mix of nationalities, and
    a feeling that music was coming from a different place, that
    inspired the band name. Stoked with Jones' song- writing mastery
    and Gramm's fiery vocals, Foreigner embarked on an unprecedented
    course of larger- than- life rock and never looked back.
    Foreigner has 14 (and counting) Top 20 hits - some of them the
    most enduring songs in rock history - as well as 10 multi-
    platinum albums. Jones, who began playing guitar in his teens, is
    a Grammy and Golden Globe- nominated songwriter and winner of the
    prestigious British Ivor Novello songwriter award. Foreigner's
    debut album produced these hits: Feels Like The First Time, Cold
    As Ice and Long, Long Way From Home. The amazing "Double Vision"
    album followed, as did a string of more hits like Urgent, Juke
    Box Hero and Waiting For A Girl Like You. Those three songs
    helped give Foreigner "4" its impressive run at number one on the
    Billboard chart. At the zenith of 80s sound, Foreigner's fifth
    album, "Agent Provocateur," gave the world the incredible Number
    1 global hit, I Want To Know What Love Is. This musical milestone
    followed the record- breaking song Waiting For A Girl Like You
    (14 weeks, Billboard #2). As successful as the band has been with
    ballads, Foreigner is and always will be a high- energy rock
    band. The frenetic ride of the original Foreigner incarnation
    reached a milestone in 2002 when Gramm and Jones performed
    together for the last time. Gramm's decision to leave the band
    prompted Jones to re- evaluate his life and his vision of
    Foreigner. With much support and encouragement, Jones rallied a
    newly- charged powerhouse lineup. A final touch to this intense
    re- vision was recruiting Kelly Hansen as vocalist, opening full
    throttle the re- emergence of astounding music that speaks to
    both hard- core Foreigner fans and younger generations.Foreigner
    released "Can't Slow Down" in 2009, which entered the Billboard
    chart in the Top 30 and had great success on radio with two Top
    20 singles. The past two years have been an almost constant run
    of sold- out shows across Europe and the United States
    culminating with the release of a live album recorded in
    Nashville's Ryman Auditorium that spent thirteen weeks of 2011 in
    the Billboard Top 200. The September release of the band's 3-
    disc set, "Feels Like The First Time," includes an acoustic CD
    with an intimate and unique re- interpretation of many Foreigner
    classics, studio re- records by the new lineup and a live
    performance DVD showcasing the group's exceptional live energy.

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