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Temat: Alice Cooper - Old School: 1964-1974 (4 CD Box Set) - 2011, FLAC

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    Domyślnie Alice Cooper - Old School: 1964-1974 (4 CD Box Set) - 2011, FLAC

    Alice Cooper - Old School: 1964-1974 (4 CD Box Set) - 2011, FLAC
    FLAC, Lossless | Classic Rock / Glam Rock / Shock rock/ Garage rock | 1,54 Gb

    In time for the 40th anniversary of the seminal School's Out, Alice Cooper's Old School 1964 1974: Special Edition is the incredible true story of the Alice Cooper group.

    A career-spanning 4 CD and download set taking you inside one of rock's great bands in a unique full-length school yearbook, with an array of amazing audio rarities direct from the depths of the band s own vaults and personal collections, with unearthed gems also generously provided by family, friends, road crew and long-time fans.

    This set features 4 discs crammed with demos, pre-production and rehearsal recordings of classic Alice Cooper tracks, radio spots, interview anecdotes, plus a full live show captured on the 1971 Killer tour Live in St Louis along with a 60-page yearbook charting the incredible rise of Alice Cooper complete with many rare photos. Old School 1964-1974: Special Edition also includes School's Out demos, live versions and audio of the original recording sessions with producer Bob Ezrin and the kids choir from the chorus.

    Alice Cooper flipped hippie ideals on their head and astonished the world, "driving a stake through the heart of the Love Generation," as the group's namesake put it. Heavy Metal took the imagery, punk took the tunes, rock and pop took the showmanship as fans the world over fell in love with the band s macabre sense of humor.

    This Special Edition is a condensed version of the original sold-out Old School: 1964 1974 super deluxe box set released in 2011.

    Disc Three: IN THEIR OWN WORDS- Alice Cooper group interview disc
    Disc Four: BOOTLEG CD- Killer Live in St. Louis, 1971

    Disc 1: Treasures One (01:10:13)
    01. No Price Tag (Spiders band)
    02. Nobody Likes Me (demo)
    03. On a Train Trip (Sing Low Sweet Cheerio) (demo)
    04. Reflected (demo)
    05. Easy Action (version two radio ad)
    06. Mr. and Misdemeanor (Chicago Underground)
    07. Fields of Regret (Chicago Underground)
    08. I'm Eighteen (Chicago Underground)
    09. Love it to Death (Radio ad)
    10. I'm Eighteen (Love it to Death pre-production)
    11. Be My Lover (Killer demos)
    12. Killer (Killer demo)
    13. Halo of Flies (Killer demo)
    14. Tornado Warning (Desperado) (Killer demo)
    15. Killer (Radio ad)
    16. Is It My Body (Seattle live)

    Disc 2: Treasures Two (01:01:43)
    01. Akron Rubber Bowl (Radio Ad)
    02. School's Out (Mar Y Sol Puerto Rico)
    03. Kids Session School's Out (Kids Session)
    04. Outtakes / Luney Tune School's Out Pre-Production
    05. Outtakes / My Stars School's Out Pre-Production
    06. School's Out (School's Out demo)
    07. Under My Wheels (Live at Madison Square Garden)
    08. Teenage Lament 74? (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
    09. Never Been Sold Before (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
    10. Working Up a Sweat (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
    11. Muscle of Love (Muscle of Love pre-production)
    12. Teenage Lament 74? (Muscle of Love pre-production)
    13. Muscle of Love (Radio ad)
    14. Good to See You (Alice Cooper Radio ad)
    15. Muscle of Love (Rio)
    16. Greatest Hits (Radio ad)

    Disc 3: In Their Own Words - Interview Disc (01:09:00)
    01. Intro
    02. The Rock Scene
    03. Live Show Theatrics
    04. Violence On Stage
    05. Sex Death And Money
    06. Thunderstorm
    07. Canadian Chickens
    08. Broadway
    09. The Age Of The Audience
    10. Customs
    11. Beginning
    12. Glen And Mike Join
    13. Fighting
    14. Earwigs To Spiders To Nazz
    15. Singles
    16. Move To LA
    17. Band Image
    18. Band Name
    19. Vinnie To Alice
    20. Frank Zappa Meeting
    21. Meeting Shep
    22. Alice Cooper Name
    23. Beer
    24. Bizzare Days
    25. Bob Ezrin Meets The Band
    26. Working With Bob
    27. RCA Studios Chicago
    28. Recording Ballad of Dwight Fry
    29. Alice Cooper Sophomore
    30. Recording Halo Of Flies
    31. Unfinished Sweet
    32. Recording Schools Out
    33. Recording Billion Dollar Babies
    34. Fatigue Hits Alice Cooper Group
    35. Writing Generation Landslide
    36. Introduction Of Guest Artists
    37. Billion Dollar Babies Tour
    38. Muscle Of Love
    39. Alice's Thoughts On Muscle Of Love
    40. Alice Cooper Group Breaks Up
    41. Outro

    Disc 4: Bootleg CD - Killer Live St. Louis 1971 (00:54:40)
    01. Intro
    02. Be My Lover (Intro)
    03. Be My Lover
    04. You Drive Me Nervous
    05. Yeah Yeah Yeah
    06. I'm Eighteen
    07. Halo of Flies
    08. Is It My Body
    09. Dead Babies
    10. Killer
    11. Long Way to Go
    12. Under My Wheels


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